PC & Laptop Repair


At Leet Computers, expert staff members harness their deep tech knowledge as they return mystifying Mac and PC gadgets to working order. For walk-ins and scheduled clients alike, they diagnose the root ailments of fractious electronics, facilitate data transfers, and enhance wireless-network security without having to enroll routers in self-defense seminars. Staffers can also build custom computer systems from the ground up based on customer specifications.


LAN Gaming


Elsewhere in the shop, an onsite LAN Café provides a space for gamers to immerse themselves in communal combat, selecting their cyber universes from a stock of more than 200 games. Patrons can rent the entire café for special events, such as birthday parties or typing-class reunions.




Wireless Security

What does it mean for me to have an unsecured wireless network at home?            
It means anyone close by in your neighborhood could be using your Internet connection. It also means the personal data you keep on your computer(s) could be at risk for intrusion.        

How do I know if my wireless network is secure?            

You may contact your wireless networking equipment manufacturer or have a professional from LEET Computers come to your home to perform this task.